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Brief Introduction of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

2020-03-02 14:25:57

Lightly burned magnesium powder is divided into nine grades: QM-96, QM-95, QM-94, QM-92, QM-90, QM-87, QM-85, QM-80, QM-75 according to chemical composition.

experiment method

The chemical analysis method was carried out according to GB 5069.

The particle size is measured by the international standard sieve, that is, 120 mesh and 100 mesh are tested by the international standard sieve with the pore size of 0.125mm and 0.15mm, respectively.

testing regulations

The weight of each batch of the finished product is not more than 120 t.

Samples for determination of particle size should be sampled before the batch, and samples for chemical analysis should be sampled after the batch. Small bags (25kg) take one sample every 20 bags and one large bag (1000kg) take one sample.

After the obtained particle size sample is thoroughly mixed, 10 to 20 g is taken to determine the particle size. The mixed test sample is divided into 200g and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

If there is any chemical composition that is unqualified or abnormal in the test results, double the number of samples in the same batch of product for re-inspection once, and the re-inspection result is the final inspection result of the batch of products.


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