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How lightly burned magnesium balls protect the furnace in slag splashing

2020-03-02 14:25:24

Furnace age is a comprehensive technical indicator for converter steelmaking. Increasing the furnace age can not only reduce the consumption of refractory materials, but also help to balance the production of the organization and promote a virtuous cycle of production. Therefore, it is the goal that iron and steel enterprises have always pursued to greatly increase the converter age. The converter lining works under high temperature and high oxidizing conditions, and is usually eroded at a speed of 0.2-0.8mm / furnace. Slag splashing furnace protection is a new technology developed in recent years to increase furnace age. This technology uses the steelmaking end-point slag whose MgO content reaches saturation or supersaturation, and is cooled and solidified on the surface of the furnace lining by high-pressure nitrogen blowing to form a high melting point slag layer, which is well adhered to the furnace lining. . The slag-spattering layer formed by slag splashing has good corrosion resistance, which can inhibit the oxidation and decarburization of the surface of the furnace lining bricks, and can reduce the erosion and erosion of the furnace lining bricks by the high-temperature slag, thereby protecting the furnace lining bricks, reducing the refractory material loss rate, and reducing the spray-up material. Consumption, at the same time increase the life of the furnace lining, improve the converter operating rate, and reduce production costs.

Light-burned magnesium balls are made of highly active magnesium oxide as the main raw material, added with an appropriate amount of additives, and mixed, ball-pressed or ball-shaped discs and dried.

Light-burned magnesium balls are mainly used for converter steelmaking and slagging. The product is added to the converter slag and reacts quickly with the slag. It can effectively adjust the composition of the slag and change the main mineral phase in the slag into high-melting MgO, C3S and C2S phases. Improved slag splashing furnace protection effect. Therefore, light-burned magnesium balls are slagging component regulators for converter slag splashing furnaces.

With the rapid development of the metallurgical industry, open-hearth steelmaking has been eliminated, and large-scale transitions have been made to large converters. The converter slag splashing furnace protection technology uses an oxygen lance to blow nitrogen after the steel is discharged from the converter. So as to protect the furnace lining.


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