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What is light burned magnesium powder and reburned magnesium powder

2020-03-02 14:21:09

Magnesite can be calcined and melted at different temperatures to produce light-burned magnesium, re-burned magnesium and fused magnesite whose main component is magnesium oxide.

Magnesite calcined at a temperature of 750-1100 is called "light burning", and its product is called light burning magnesium powder, referred to as light burning powder for short. Light-burned magnesium powder is mainly used for making cementitious materials, heat-insulating and sound-proofing building materials, and also can be used as ceramic raw materials.

Reburned magnesium powder is mainly made from lightly burned powder, which is obtained by water separation, hydrolysis, solid-liquid separation, drying, calcination and pulverization. The production of heavy magnesium oxide has high requirements on the quality of light-burned magnesium oxide powder. Generally, high-grade flour produced by high-quality magnesite is used, and there should be no agglomeration due to moisture.


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