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Analysis of Three Stages of Fire in Light Burnt Magnesium Powder

2020-03-02 14:20:37

Fires occur in many places in China every year due to light-burned magnesium powder. For example, on October 9, 2008, a fire broke out in Harbin's “longitude and latitude 360 °” twin-star building. A fire broke out in CCTV in 2009. On November 15, 2010, a 28-story residential building in Jiaozhou Road, Yuyao Road, Shanghai caught fire, killing 58 people. On February 3, 2011, a fire broke out in the dynasty Wanxin Building, known as the "Shenyang High-rise". The fire continued for 10 hours.

Through the above cases, we know that many light-burned magnesium powders are flammable. The outer wall of the building is the weakest link to prevent fire. The fires on the external walls are mainly concentrated in three stages. The second stage is the stage of putting the lightly burned magnesium powder on the wall, and the third is the stage of entering and using the insulation system. In the second and third stages, there is no fire protection layer on the surface or between the lightly burned magnesium powder. Critical period of fire.

Light-burned magnesium powder is mainly divided into three categories: First, thermoplastic light-burned magnesium powder, currently applied at most is EPS thin plastered external wall external insulation system, followed by XPS thin plastered external wall external insulation system, and then cast-in-place without mesh Cast-in-situ system, composite insulation board system; two, thermosetting light-burned magnesium powder, polyurethane on-site foaming system, phenolic boards; three, inorganic light-burned magnesium powder: thermal insulation materials such as cotton wool outer wall insulation. These fire properties are not the same.


Combining the four universities of building science, materials science, fire science and environmental science. Departure from the four universities, all have one-sidedness and limitations. The following points need to be done for the fire prevention of the external wall insulation:

1. Strict implementation of fire protection regulations

2.Choose a good insulation system, choose a high-quality insulation material

3. Take precautionary measures at all stages of the installation of the insulation system

4. After the light-burned magnesium powder of the insulation material is made into an external wall insulation system, the insulation system is properly used and fire prevention is prevented.

The widespread use of light-burned magnesium powder on the exterior walls of buildings has made it necessary to consider both internal and external fire protection. Only by carefully drawing lessons from related domestic fire accidents, recognizing the root cause of external wall insulation material fires, and adopting effective and effective safety measures can the city's fire safety have a foundation and the people's life and property safety can be guaranteed.


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